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Nose Surgery

Nose is the center of human face, standing as one of the most important features. It is important for our overall appearance. Even a little deformity of the nose can make the face unpleasant while a well-shaped nose that fits natural on the face makes a face appealing and pleasing. It goes without saying that mismatching nose makes us conscious of our looks and lowers our self-esteem. The change in nose with cosmetic surgery gives immense benefits, changing looks in positive way making you self-confident.


Procedure is carried out usually from inside the nostrils. It is painless without any scar mark. The bones, cartilages and soft tissues are assessed for deformities. With meticulous planning, the deformities like deviated nose, wide and big nose, broad and boxy tip / hanging tip or depressed nose, are corrected. Septal deviation i.e. deviated nasal septum (DNS) if present, is corrected at the same time.
Duration of Procedure: Rhinoplasty is handy procedure, It is well planned surgery and takes time. Rhinoplasty Takes Approximately 1-4 hrs.
Anesthesia: Rhinoplasty or Nose Reshaping is performed in general or local anesthesia with sedation.
Recovery Time for Rhinoplasty: Back to work in 7 days. A nasal pack may be required for 2- 5 days. Sometimes you may need a dressing over nose for about 2 to 3 weeks.
Longevity of Results:Permanent.
A Desired Nose Shape is Obtained After Nose Reshaping/Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty Results are Permanent.